How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of implementing a digital signage solution varies. There are a number of different elements to take into account both hardware and software. We can usually fit to the required budget, depending on what is needed. It is important to accurately assess the needs of your business in order to get the best fit, as negligence on this part can result in a bad display!

We can provide a full turnkey solution from the cables, signage controllers, content management systems, displays if needed, as well as access to our online knowledge-base articles that contain an array of helpful tutorials, video instructions, and other pertinent information. Content creation, graphics videos and anything else to get you up and running.

Our business model works on two basic packages. Fully managed, or partially managed. We can charge an ongoing fee for running and maintenance. This gives you the advantage of having the latest systems, and software. The other option is to buy outright.

Pricing Structure

Depending on how your company is organised and how many displays you require, we can offer the following pricing structure.

  • One company, Single Installation (upto 3 displays)
    900 DKK
    Single subscription, single user.
  • One company, Multiple Installations
    Multiple installations over many sites. e.g. a franchise or department stores. Multiple users, and multiple accounts.
  • Multiple Companies, Multiple Installations
    Reseller, full control to setup your own accounts, use our software/hardware and resell, re-use. Usefull for shopfitting agencies to offer customers a full digital sigange solution, without any knowledge or skills within the industry. We do all the hardwork to give your company the added service.

Subscription starts at 900kr