Engage your audience, provide up to date real time information, videos, social media and rich content.

Cafes / Resturants
Staff Rooms / Canteens

Digital signage is all around us. MODStudio creates digital signage solutions for events, bars, clubs, venues, restaurants, theaters and other cultural establishments, business and retail areas and schools/universities.

It is used to inform, warn, entertain, inspire and seduce; to generate sales and to provide better customer service. Yet, not every business is making the most of its potential. Many are put off by the perceived complexity of content creation and delivery, the need to purchase extra hardware or the ongoing cost of running and maintaining digital signage.

Our state-of-the-art signage platform from MODStudio offers a remote control solution for control and distribution of content through our signage media network. It can be used for many situations from visual messages and videos at point-of-purchase scenarios or at public venues. Withthe option of having a 100% turnkey solution from graphic design to installation and setup of your displays or just an addition to your company to inform and generate revenue.