MODstudio provides beautiful innovative digital information displays for companies within the retail, cultural and entertainment industry.

The system allows for intelligent, adaptable, scalable and innovative ways of displaying digital content with ease. Real-time data aggregation, video content, target advertising and social media integration can strengthen a product or brand within the client’s establishment.

Established in 2013, we are still startup company, we are constantly developing our service and product but have a solid foundation to work from. With two years of testing and researching our hardware and software options, we can today provide a professional solution to any case. MODStudio offers their solutions throughout europe with focus on Scandinavian countries and England.

Whos Behind MODStudio?

The company’s founder, Ryan Gough and a team of professionals can provide simple solutions to complicated problems within the digital signage world. We thrive on new ideas and are constantly looking for ways to improve our service.

From here, MODStudio has many professional connections within the graphic design, AV, IT and media industry to provide a full turnkey solution.

We have a global distribution network for our hardware, and test every device that goes into the field. Rollout periods for larger contracts are easily reached by our distributors TECHData and AVnet, and installations on-site are carried out by AV professionals.

Whats Behind MODStudio?

For our ‘end product’ to run successfully and our clients to be happy, MODStudio has an array of services which make up a total solution. We test our services on a daily basis, monitor then from multiple monitoring stations and uptime/services reports from our providers. We use Amazons incredible infrastructure to provide fast, scalable, uninterrupted signage systems, Heroku’s super application delivery systems, contentfuls awesome simple backend delivery systems (as well as our own), and a multitude of tools, services and mesh networking systems.

MODStudio is built to last, and is scalable from one single small installations to a network of 110’s of displays around the globe.

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